Hello, all!
I just switched my web host and decided to redo my website.
It may take some time to upload all the content I want, so please be patient.

“Slime-Ball-Istic Mr. Missile” (or “Mr. Missile” for short) is my latest project.
It’s a mobile game I made with a friend.
It’s free to download for iOS and Android.
I created all the pixel art and animations for it, while my friend provided the programming.
Please check it out!

I’ve also been posting my old webcomic, “Bunk & Folly“, on the mobile friendly platforms Webtoon and Tapastic.
I have a few new strips that I’ll post eventually, and I’m hoping to resume that strip.
You can always support me at Patreon to encourage me to draw more!

I hope you like the new site design.
The old one was not mobile-friendly and quite neglected.
Hope that doesn’t happen here!

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