bunk & folly



One afternoon in 2006 (I think?), I drew several uninspiring superhero characters on a big piece of paper.
Simply for fun, I decided to draw comic strips with the aforementioned characters.
As time went on, I got more serious and started to think of stories and personalities for the characters (in that order – not recommended).
Since then, I have had weeks when I drew several strips and months and years when I drew none.
The strip started out in the horizontal newspaper strip format of “Calvin and Hobbes” and “Peanuts.” (Remember, it was 2006)


I’ve since started re-posting “Bunk & Folly” strips in the vertical format more suited for mobile devices on the portals of Webtoon and Tapastic.
I also accept financial pledges for each strip at Patreon.
Starting at $1 per comic strip, patrons can cheer me on with their money each time I post a new comic.


I have a lot of material written for “Bunk & Folly.”
I hope to someday finish at least the major story arcs I’ve written.

[steps, progress]

a strip showing my process of creating these from writing, rough composition, tighter pencils, inking, to digital coloring