Various original and fan art illustrations made for my Instagram account Elmer the Elephant drawn for Sketch Dailies Photoshop Rice Field Monster Photoshop and photograph Voltron Black Lion Photoshop Batcall Adam West Batman from 1960s television show requested by Patreon patron Photoshop Flash sloth from Zootopia requested by Patreon patron Photoshop Black Panther Chadwick Boseman
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Personal Projects

Personal projects including fan art of existing characters, drawings of people, and more.   Uncanny X-Fighter personal project combining X-Men and Street Fighter characters pen, colored in Photoshop   Rainbow fanart personal project of various characters I grew up with Photoshop   Won With The Didd parody poster of Gone With The Wind to celebrate
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Shirt Designs

I have an artist shop with Threadless where you can buy my designs. I have more ideas, and I hope to make some more in the future. Soop Sok 숲속 (In the Forest) Shirt design using a play on words with Korean. The Korean word for “forest” sounds like “soup” in English. Pen and Ink,
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Various commisions Today’s English commission for an English language education company pen, colored in Photoshop   Page from Lucas’s Wild Adventure page from a storybook released digitally pen, colored in Photoshop