Webtoons / Comic Strips

Various webtoons and comic strips done for Line Webtoon and my personal website

Webtoons are presented with small gaps between the images not intended to be there. This will affecting the viewing / reading of some strips more than others. I apologize for any inconvenience.

The Perfects and the Happys

People as: [Animals]
This strip depicted introverts as various types of animals.
I may or may not have felt like people in this strip.

Cajun Zombie Blacksmith

Assorted Comic Strips
pen and ink

Incompatible 1 of 5
a melodramatic series from when I was younger and full of melodrama
pen and Photoshop

Incompatible 2 of 5
pen and Photoshop

Incompatible 3 of 5
pen and Photoshop

Incompatible 4 of 5
pen and Photoshop

Incompatible 5 of 5
pen and Photoshop


More reader-friendly versions viewable here:

a dumb rate wit


The Amazing Robot Boy

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